Absolute Local

Absolute Local - A win-win-win solution!

Local Businesses Grow, Local Consumers Save and Local Communities Thrive!

Absolute Local is committed to offering a win-win solution for both local businesses and local consumers. Small businesses “win” by teaming up with other like-minded owners and featuring their special deals and discounts on our “billboard” postcard. Consumers “win” by taking advantage of these deals and discounts and saving money on everyday purchases.

Actually, it’s more of a win-win-win solution. As local businesses grow and local consumers save, the entire local community thrives!

Absolute Local is owned by Everest Media, LLC., a St. Clair Shores Web Design and Marketing company. With over 13 years of experience in helping small businesses grow and prosper, Everest Media is dedicated to creating win-win-win solutions throughout the entire Metro-Detroit area.